Lionel Richie changed my life.

In 1986, the music video for “Dancing on the ceiling” was released, featuring the then bemulleted legend’s unfathomable walk up a wall and across a ceiling where, as the title implies, he danced spectacularly.

Needless to say, it blew my four year old mind. “How did he DO that!?”

I begged my parents. “Trick photography” was the answer eventually agreed upon. “The camera was turned upside down in a room made to look like the floor was the ceiling,” said my dad. He had no sooner said upside down, before I was lugging his camcorder, tethered to a giant VCR, through the living room, across the kitchen and into the driveway.

“Turn it upside down and press the button!” I commanded, as I awkwardly danced in place, forgetting, in my frenzied excitement, that a driveway, while a lovely location, diminishes the illusion of a room or ceiling. It didn’t matter. I made the shot happen. A filmmaker was born.

Fast forward the VCR to 2005, where I learned to channel my creative excitement through a film degree at Full Sail University. Then, moving to Los Angeles, I had the very good fortune to sit at the feet of some of the brightest minds in the business (Hunt Lowry “Last of the Mohicans”, Lee Toland Krieger “The Age of Adaline”, “Riverdale” and Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker, Tom Neff). The time spent around these intrepid storytellers was invaluable and eventually motivated me to form my own production company.

In 2007, C1 Entertainment was founded to give voice to clients who might not otherwise be heard. We believed in kindness, laughter, collaboration, attention to detail and relentless work ethic. We wanted to grind hard every day.

Over a decade and 300+ stories later, it’s still in this spirit we approach every story we tell. From profiles on child trafficking in Africa to American Red Cross heroes, from documentaries on Grammy Award- winning musicians to the Middle East refugee crisis, our award winning team will give everything we’ve got to respect your story and make it shine.

So, welcome. C’mon in. Whether or not we are rocking mullets, inverting the camera or dancing on the ceiling, you can always find us looking to push the boundaries of our craft to reach your audience through impactful cinema.

Patrick Cone

Patrick Cone